Finding your artistic voice

Your artistic voice is your style, skill, subject matter, and medium.
Your voice should reflect your unique point of view, life experiences, identity, values, and what matters to you. In short it is the story behind your artwork.

How to practically apply

your artistic voice 

Knowing what your artistic voice is, makes it so much easier to market your art.  Here is 4 practically ways how you can apply it to find your right target audience, art community and more.

Via Facebook, you can join specific Facebook Groups in your specific medium/s, subject matter or niche market.
Via Instagram, find your community by searching via hashtags.

The Reason, why this is important is so that you can be informed about art competitions/opportunities or just generally be inspired by artists that work in your specific field.

If for example you love painting Children or Toys, you can consider promoting your work via Kids Magazines or even Kid-Friendly Events like Expos, Fun Fairs etc.

Look for opportunities outside the typical art markets like Galleries, or art magazines. Because if your ideal target market is the Mom of Three Kids, you won’t always find them in a Gallery.

Add typical keywords that your target market might search.  For example “Wildlife Drawing from Photos” or anything related to your niche.

By making your website friendly for specific keywords, it makes it easier for your target market to find you.

Utilize your knowledge of your artistic voice to follow the path that is correct for you.  For example attend the right type of art workshops to improve your specific craft.  Enter the right type of Art Competitions or apply to the right type of Art Galleries. 

When you know what is your artistic voice, your path will become clearer as you travel.  Just follow the bricks step for step and you will get to your final destination.