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About Liesel Wessels Commission

I have several years of experience with a wide variety of subject matters from baby, family, couple, wedding, kids, single, to even classical nudes. I have created commissions for customers all over South Africa, as well as Spain, France, and Australia.  All the materials used in my painting/drawing commissions are of the highest quality available in the local market.

See below for a few testimonials from customers.

We came across Liesel’s work on facebook, but because we live far from where she is based, we just had contact via phone. Despite this, she totally delivered what we had in mind, even on short notice. She also sent us updates on how the piece was coming along, which was so great to see. Such a talented artist. We would definitely recommend her. May your business be blessed Liesel!

Louise Lubbe CockeranLouise Lubbe Cockeran, Katoe, South Africa

Thank you so much @lieselart for creating this beautiful piece. Your services were amazing and so professional cant wait to work with you again in the near future #happyclient

Andisiwe Mdlazi, Johannesburg, South Africa

I think Liesel is very talented and is doing a great job. I was very happy with the final product. Her service was excellent throughout the process and I would give it a 100% rating. She made me feel that I was part of the process and the product, so by the end I was more excited to see the finished product. I really think she’s doing an incredible job and would definitely use her again. I would also recommend anyone close to me to utilize her services, it’s just incredible!

Sydney Matladi, Centurion, South Africa

Liesel completed a commission for me that was absolutely incredible. She’s very professional and the entire experience was nothing if not pleasant. I can highly recommend her!

Blake Joubert, Johannesburg, South Africa

Absolutely loved my piece from the super talented Liesel Wessels. Very professional, dedicated and compassionate artist.

Taryn Lynn SmytheTaryn Lynn Smythe, East London, South Africa

Please book special gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, etc as early as possible, to avoid disappointment.  Pricing on the website can change at any time.  All formal quotes are only valid for a maximum of 14 days.

Why you should consider commissioning a Custom Portrait Drawing or Painting?

  • A portrait artwork is something unique, timeless and special. A Photograph can never compare

  • It is a beautiful and creative way to immortalize loved ones and capture their spirit forever

  • It is an heirloom your family will treasure for generations to come

  • Stunning Idea for a very special Birthday, Christmas or Wedding Gift. Especially if the person loves art

How do you commission a portrait


Step by step guide…

You can call, email, WhatsApp, Skype, or set up a physical meeting to discuss the project.

Phone/Whatsapp: 083 400 2864  / +27 83 400 2864 (international calls)

Please call or email me to setup a meeting 🙂

We will discuss the subject, composition, price, size, delivery … and any special requests

All the final details will be put in writing and both parties will sign a Commission Contract.

50% deposit will be payable before work begins.  This will also ensure your place in the waiting list if I have more than one project lined up.

During the project I will send you updates of the work in progress via email/WhatsApp to ensure that you like the compositions, colours etc.

Special Notes:
In the early stages you should let me know if anything bothers you or if you would like changes, especially when it comes to drawings (pencil and soft pastels).  Oil is a fairly forgiving medium, so I can still make changes up to the end.

A photo of the finished portrait will be emailed or whatsapp for approval before delivery.

Make the final Payment of the balance owing before delivery of the commission as per agreement.
Artwork will be delivered at the premises of your choice.  Additional fee is applicable, pricing depends on Location.

Special Note:
The cost to deliver at a major city or big town is less expensive than smaller towns or villages.

Graphite Pencil Commission
Graphite Pencil Portraits is ideal if you like monochrome artworks like black and white photography. It can fit most colour schemes. Click on the link below for prices and samples

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Soft Pastels Commission
Soft Pastels is a great in between solution if you like colour and detail, but you are looking for something a little bit more affordable than oil paintings. Click on the link below for prices and samples.

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Oil Painting Commission

Oil paintings is elegant and timeless. We can change the colors to fit any colour scheme or custom-made the canvas to fit any specific wall. Click on the link below for prices and samples.

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Commission faq


Timing depends on prior commitments and the amount of detail in the photograph.
My schedule is usually quite full, so I will suggest that you book any time-sensitive portraits like Birthday or Christmas Gifts at least 2 – 3 months before to avoid disappointment.

Portrait Drawings:

A4, roughly 1 – 2 weeks
A3 – A2, roughly 2 – 3 weeks
A1 – A0, 4 – 6 weeks

Portrait Paintings:

Independent of size, minimum 2 to 3months.
Timing is affected by the amount of time it takes for the oil to dry.  The painting must be completely dry before I can add a coat of Matt or Gloss Varnish.

The quality of the portrait artwork depends highly on the quality of the reference material. So choosing the correct photograph is extremely important.

Here is a list of things you should consider.
  • High-Quality Resolution photographs at least 3 – 5MB in size.  If you had photos taken professionally always email me the original photograph
  • Good quality lighting. The play between light and dark makes an interesting portrait
  • No flash as it tends to flatten the features
  • 3-Quarter face is preferable as it shows a more dynamic 3D view

If you only have the physical photograph.  Please have it scanned at 300 – 600DPI at your local printer shop and send the digital file to me.
Photos of photographs have a tendency to loose quality and details.

If you commission a pencil or soft pastel drawing, you will have to frame the artwork at one of your local framers as soon as possible.  My pricing excludes framing as it is based on personal taste and unnecessarily complicates the traveling and packaging costs.  Unfortunately, glass is fragile and breaks easily.

Regarding Paintings, that is entirely up to you.  I create paintings on deep-edge canvas and paint the edge, so it is already hang-ready.

You need framing for the following reasons:
  • Protecting your artwork from dust, dampness, sun (need special glass), tearing, folding and other elements.
  • Makes it hang-ready
  • Compliments the decor or colour scheme of your house

Extra Note:  If you live in an area that is prone to dampness like coastal areas, ask your framer for an added level of protection at the back.
Always remove artworks from damp walls.  If you see that the artwork got a little bit of water damage remove it from the frame immediately and place in a dry, warm area to remove excess water.

Additional Notes

Please ensure you own the copyright of reference photographs supplied. I retain the copyright of all my artwork and have the right to use it in the future whether to promote my work (digitally or in print) or in printed reproductions for resale purposes. My artwork may not be reproduced without my permission.


I will do my utmost best to ensure that your vision of a beautiful portrait is fulfilled.

Quality Guarantee

All Pricing excludes framing, insurance, shipping and delivery costs.   I offer free delivery for all customers in Bloemfontein

Pricing Exclusion