Graphite Pencil

Ideal if you love Black and White Photography.  This fits most home decor, as there is no colour clashes. 

Most affordable option if your budget is tight.


Soft Pastels

Soft Pastels is a great in between solution if like colour and detail, but you are looking for something a little bit more affordable than oil paintings.

Easier to travel as this can be rolled.


Oil Painting

Oil Painting is elegant and timeless. Framing is optional. More durable and less fragile medium than pencil and soft pastels.

Custom-sizes available on request


Why you should consider commissioning a Custom Portrait Drawing or Painting?



Step by step guide…

Browse through our different medium pricelist options and select the size, medium, how many faces (1 – 6), and any other features you prefer.  We will contact you to finalize details.

Alternatively you can call, email, WhatsApp, or set up a physical meeting to discuss the project.  See contact details  

We will discuss the subject, composition, price, size, delivery … and any additional requests. Please let me know of any changes you would like to add to the reference picture at this stage, as it might affect the pricing.

Please note that I don’t do overly complicated combinations or editing of photos any more.  Straightforward imagery that can be used as it is with minor changes, is fine.


All the final details will be put in writing and both parties will sign a Commission Contract. 50% deposit will be payable before work begins.  This will also ensure your place in the waiting list if I have more than one project lined up.

I will send you a rough photoshop photo layout to ensure you are happy with the composition and to make any final changes before I commence with the actual artwork.

During the project I will send you updates of the work in progress via email/WhatsApp to ensure that you like the compositions, colours etc. Special Notes: In the early stages you should let me know if anything bothers you or if you would like changes, especially when it comes to drawings (pencil and soft pastels).  Oil is a fairly forgiving medium, so I can still make changes up to the end.

A photo of the finished portrait will be emailed or whatsapp for approval before delivery. We can still sort out any minor changes and details if you are not completely happy with product.

Make the final Payment of the balance owing before delivery of the commission as per agreement. Artwork will be delivered at the premises of your choice.  Additional fee is applicable, pricing depends on Location. Special Note: The cost to deliver at a major city or big town is less expensive than smaller towns or villages.


How long does it take?

A good artist’s schedule is usually quite full, so I will suggest that you book any time-sensitive portraits like Birthday or Christmas Gifts at least 3 – 4 months prior to avoid disappointment.


The Perfect Portrait Photo?


The quality of your commission results depends highly on the quality of the reference material.  An artists can only draw what he/she can see.
See some tips on what is quality art reference…

More info

Art Framing Tips

Correct Framing can add an extra layer of glamour to any art piece – good or bad.  However with the 1000s of options to choose from this can be difficult…

see general guidelines

Blake Joubert

Pretoria, South Africa

Taryn Lynn Smythe

Johannesburg, South Africa

Louise Lubbe Cockeran

Kathu, South Africa

Sydney Matladi

Centurion, South Africa

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Please ensure you own the copyright of reference photographs supplied. Or alternatively please request permission from the original photographer to make use of the photo. I retain full copyright of all my artwork (commissions included) and have the right to use it in the future whether to promote my work (digitally or in print) or in printed reproductions for resale purposes. My artwork may not be reproduced without my permission.

I will do my utmost best to ensure that your vision of a beautiful portrait is fulfilled.

All Pricing excludes framing, insurance, shipping and other delivery costs.   I offer free delivery for all customers in Bloemfontein. My pricing includes packaging of all artworks.

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