Liesel Wessels

Liesel (God’s Garden)

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 50cm Width
Price: R2000
Pricing excludes framing, courier, and other travelling costs

Available as a Limited Edition Print

Print Prices

A4 Mounted Canvas – R300
A3 Mounted Canvas – R600
A2 Mounted Canvas – R1000

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About God’s Garden Series

God’s Garden Series is inspired by a dream.  In this dream, I had asked God why he made people so different and his answer was you are all just different flowers in God’s Garden.  When I woke I realized that this could have multiple meanings, we look different because like most artists God love variety, but we are also made with a specific set of purpose.  Lavender is medicinal and offer a lovely calming scent.  Roses others a different type of scent, in contrast to Proteas that almost has no scent but yet is hardy flowers that can survive in the field.

The list can go on and on.  So like flowers we don’t only have our own unique beauty, but also purpose.  No one is less and no one is more.