In my full-time job as a graphic/web designer, it is crucial that I stay up to date on the latest trends and marketing especially in Social Media. One of my passions is to learn how to utilize Social Media for artists.

Whenever I have time I read articles, watch youtube videos and even go to seminars and training sessions. I still have much to learn and new strategies to implement, but I have picked up a few things on my way.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook. I also offer one-on-one Facebook Training.  Call me on 083 400 2864 to book a session.

My Top 9 Facebook Tips for Artists

Setup a Professional Artist Facebook Page – separate from your personal profile.


  • It looks more professional
  • Makes it easier for people to follow you on Facebook

Facebook Page Benefits

  • It is Free and you get lots of Nice Extra Features like Events, Offers
  • Pages can share page content, but not personal profile posts
  • You can promote your page to reach a wider audience
  • No limit to audience.  Profile has a limit to 5000 followers. Page has no limits.

Outside and inside of Facebook.

Add a link to your:

  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Exhibition Events
  • Behind Artwork Stickers
  • Any all marketing material

You can also utilize Facebook Advertising Service to promote your page to a selected audience.

There are many free sources on Facebook Marketing and Tips available on the internet. From Articles to Video Tutorials.  See below a list of just a few.

Resources for free social media advice:

Don’t just “only” add artworks to your page. Play around with different types of content and stick to those that work well. Give your followers an idea of the person behind the art, but in a professional way.

Post regularly. At least once a month, but preferably at least 2 -3 times a week.

This is a great indicator of what type of posts works well and what days or times to post.

Treat your Facebook Page like you treat your gallery portfolio. Only add your best artworks and make use of high-quality photographs and designs. Nothing blurred, shiny or under/overexposed.

Setup a media calendar, where you can strategically plan out your posts for the whole month or even week. The nice thing about a facebook page is that you can schedule all your posts in advance.

If you add a link to your page from your profile, it makes it easier for people to find and like your page when you leave a comment on anyone’s post or when they add you as a friend.