• Title: Child of Light Medium: Pencil on Paper Size: 210 x 297mm Price: R800 (Unframed) Prints available from R300 (A4) Based loosely on a stunning photograph by Cristian Marrari Made quite a few structural changes, face looks very similar to a close friend of mine. Title based on a very beautiful scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:5
  • Coral Mermaid (2017). Watercolor on Paper. Size: 210 x 297mm. Size: R250 Unframed. Limited Edition Prints Available from R100 for A4 size. Playing around with new media for illustration purposes. Find watercolour quite a difficult medium, but enjoyed the process.
  • Homage

    Title: Homage Medium: Oil on Deep Edge Canvas Size: 90 x 115cm Available: R3000 Inspired by one of my favorite paintings "Lady Agnew of Locknaw" by John Singer Sargent
  • Title: I knew I loved you before I met you Medium: Pastels on Grey Toned Canson Paper Size: 30 x 42cm Price: R1200 (Unframed) This artwork is dedicated to all moms-in-waiting, I know how painful this waiting process is (and still is). But be joyful because there is also a beautiful promise in the Bible - Galatians 4:27 You don't need to conceive to be a mom and don't let the world tell you otherwise. There are thousands of children in need of somebody with an open heart to embrace them as their own.
  • Kina

    Title: Kina (Reach for the Stars) Size: 297 x 420mm Medium: Pencil on 200gsm Smooth Paper Price: R1500
  • Title: Liesel (God's Garden) Medium: Oil on Round Canvas Size: 50cm Width Year: 2019 Price: R2000 God's Garden is a series about how each girl's beauty and purpose is as unique as the wide variety of flowers on Earth. God is the first artist and he loves variety, therefore we should also embrace and celebrate our uniqueness.
  • Margo

    Title: Margo (God's Garden) Medium: Oil on Round Canvas Size: 70cm (width) Price: R2500 Photo Reference: Ahee Photography LINK: https://www.facebook.com/AheePhotography/Model: Margo Fargo Link: https://www.facebook.com/Margo-Fargo-Offical-1777148522506516/ God's Garden is a series of paintings of Christian Women of a wide variety of race and cultural background. In short, it is about how every lady looks different and has a specific purpose in life, just like flowers. Each one is unique and beautiful in her own way.
  • Title: More than a pretty face Size: 600 x 1000mm Medium: Charcoal, Mixed Media on Arches Aquarelle Paper Price: R3000 Frame included
  • Tenacious Spirit Medium: Pencil on 200gsm Smooth Paper Size: 42 x 30cm Price: R1200 (Unframed) Inspired by Michaela de Prince, who despite experiencing horrific circumstances in her early childhood became one of the world's top ballet dancers.
  • Title: The Writing is on the Wall Medium: Pastels (Soft & Hard) on Grey and Ochre Toned Paper Size: 30 x 42cm Price: R1200 (Unframed) This was a reworking of a live figure drawing that I created during a workshop at Firefly Studio with Pauline Gutter & Dina Grobler. The changes that I made was inspired by both titled suggestions made by my beautiful followers (some of your suggestions is in the writing!). As well as one of my favorite Bible verses - Isaiah 49:15 "See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me." In the wall writing, I added very subtle text which reflects some of God's feelings towards. Maybe the most visible would be the little writing close to her shoulder on the right-hand side that say "God loves you". As a Christian, I have to constantly remind myself that I am who God says I am and not the world's value system which is broken 
  • Whimsical

    "Whimsical" 2017 Medium: Charcoal and Pencil on Watercolour Paper Size: 300 x 420mm Price: R1600 with Black Frame and White Mounting Inspired by photograph by Landi Groenewald from Organictales Photography. Website: www.organictales.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/organictales/ Model: Charo Albarracin

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